Direct Trade

Direct trade 

We invest in coffee and so, we travel around the world, searching for single origin speciality coffees that cannot be found anywhere else. We build direct partnerships with farmers, who become as important to us as our family. They produce our green coffee and this makes them an essential part of our Microfarm Project!


Direct trade is how we describe our partnerships with producers and cooperatives. It means that we create mutually beneficial relationships with them – ones that are based on respect and lead to long-term, sustainable contracts.

Through this trade model we know and understand the methods that have been used to produce our coffees. At the same time, we openhandedly give farmers our expertise. It allows us to focus on the science of coffee, and offer customers speciality coffee that preserves its origin. You can taste the terroir in the cup.

The transparency of our contracts enables us to offer exclusive coffees that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It allows us to have a meticulous understanding of our beans. And it strengthens our ability to meet your demand for great coffee every day.

We also believe that, when it comes to getting the best-quality coffee, the human cost must remain of utmost importance. Those farmers living and working thousands of miles away, take great care in the production of our coffee. And by providing a demand for high-quality speciality coffee, we help in the improvement working conditions and environmental sustainability.


For every Microfarm Project coffee, we provide information on the farm, the varietal, the processing method, the type of bean, the certification, the roast profiles, and the flavour profile. These farms use different methods to produce coffee with the most distinctive and high-quality profiles. And we have travelled all over the world to source them: Ethiopia, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia…

You can taste all of these Microfarm Project coffees at our roastery. There will always be something new for you to try.


And it is working directly with the farmers and cooperatives that allows us to offer you these delicious coffees – coffees that are completely unique.

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Direct Trade

Return to the roots…

* The following text was written by our partner and photographer Panos Georgiou, who traveled with us to Brazil, in order to discover photographically all those Unique People who take care of our coffee. Let me explain a bit of this title.. I was born in a small mountainous village in Greece some years ago. Back then, the people of the province worked the land with their bare hands. For those, the coffee break was necessary not only to rest and gather strength, but also to enjoy what they had accomplished with their own hands. Somewhere in these moments of relaxation and enjoyment, began my relationship with coffee.