Microfarm Project

The Microfarm Project

In search of perfect coffee

At Coffee Island, we hunt for the best coffees from around the world. But we don’t just search for farms that cultivate amazing coffee. We want to work with the ones that promote coffee culture.

This is why we have created our Microfarm Project.

Our Microfarm Project allows us to offer specialty microlot coffees that are unique. Their profile cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. We have tested them rigorously, by taking samples, having countless cuppings sessions and sensory analyses.


We know these coffees were produced by farmers who put great effort and passion into what is their livelihoods. They care deeply about environmental sustainability, and also about workers on their farms and their local communities. They use innovative methods of farming, picking and processing the coffee cherries. They separate their land into small lots, and apply different methods in each, so they can get the best possible flavours.

These lots yield no more than 30 bags of green coffee beans, each of which weighs 69 kilograms, meaning that they are of highly limited quantities. Each one has been grown in unique conditions, giving it distinctive flavours and aromas.

The producers do all this so that they can provide us roasters with the best possible beans. We then run tests on those beans to find the right roast profile, so we know we’re highlighting each coffee’s best characteristics.


The equipment we use and the training our employees go through, meets the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) barista standards. And in doing so, we complete the cycle of quality coffee.

Our Microfarm Project has one major objective: to make speciality coffee available to all. To make what is premium common!

Coffee with a purpose

When you drink a Microfarm Project speciality coffee, you can be certain of the excellent cultivation methods, the quality of the coffee beans, and of the farmer’s good quality of life. We want our coffees to benefit everyone, from you who gets to drink superb coffees to the farmers and farming communities, whose work and living conditions are improved by our partnership.


Our Microfarm Coffees

We offer five different Microfarm Project single origin coffees: El Salvador Vista Hermosa, Ethiopia Sidama Ardi, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, Brazil Ametista, and Colombia Huila. Each of them offers a distinctive taste, aroma, and mouthfeel, making your coffee experience one of a kind.


Microfarm Guest Experience

We are extremely proud of our Microfarm Guest experience. It means that every three weeks, one of our Microfarm Project coffees is made available in special guest packs that you can enjoy with a variety of different brewing methods.


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Microfarm Project

Our specialty coffee journey continues…

In our never-ending specialty coffee journeys around the world, we explore coffee-producing regions to discover exciting flavours of unique specialty varietals. Our team is driven by the passion of bringing out the best possible aromas, flavours, sweetness, acidity and body of each coffee variety that we source. Every origin, every harvest and every lot has different sensory characteristics. And it’s our purpose in life to make the most unique coffees for you!